Diabetic Foot Ulcer Stages- The Wagner Classification System

There are various staging systems used by health professionals to monitor and assess the severity of a foot ulcer. The most commonly used is the Wagner Meggitt Classification system ( see below). This divides diabetic foot ulcers into 5 stages based on the depth of the ulcer. The classification system is useful in detecting which ulcers need to treated early before progressing to permanent irreversible damage.


The Wagner Classification System

    • Grade 0 – intact skin
    • Grade 1 – superficial ulcer – should be identified and treated early.
    • Grade 2 – deep ulcer to tendon, bone or joint
    • Grade 3 – deep ulcer with osteomyelitis or gangrene
    • Grade 4- forefoot gangrene
    • Grade 5 – whole foot gangrene

Grade 1 ulcers are the changes that need to be identified and treated early before progressing to the latter stages.


Diabetic Foot Ulcer Pictures

   Grade 1 superficial ulcer of the big toe.

      GRADE 2 deep ulcer

  Grade 4 – forefoot gangrene


The Wagner classification system divides diabetic foot ulcer disease into 5 stages and can be used to identify early stages of ulcers disease that can be treated effectively before progressing to the more serious latter stages of disease.


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