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Welcome to my site. I hope you find everything you need to know about Diabetic Foot Disease.

I am a Medical Doctor with expertise in Medical Imaging. I have a personal interest in Diabetes as many of my family members, including my father, are suffering from the disease. I have seen the horrendous complications of diabetes; leading to severe pain, infection and limb amputation. Many of my family members are now wheelchair bound with significant loss in quality of life.

Watching their pain has given me the drive to find ways to improve foot health before the disease sets in. Many of the complications can be avoided by simple strategies such as regular foot care and exercise. I have managed to reverse and prevent many diabetic foot related diseases and would like to share my knowledge with you to prevent needless suffering.

I want to educate people in the potential complications of diabetic foot disease and teach simple strategies to prevent or treat early stages of disease before the need for serious complications.

I will discuss:

-Causes of diabetic foot ulcers and other diabetic foot related conditions

-Simple preventative measures such as:

  • Daily Foot Care
  • Foot Exercises to improve circulation to the feet
  • Healthy Diet and Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Suitable Foot Wear

-Herbal and Medical treatments for foot ulcers and other Diabetic Foot conditions.

Follow my guide to healthy feet and happy feet!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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